Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Taking the Mick too far

All I'm going to say about this article is - oh heck no - I have a lot to say about this article.

I will quote from his lengthy rambling article;

I've just been invited to the Mini Clubman launch in September and it's going to be staged in a location that I can only describe as bizarre and inappropriate &chilly, uninviting, out on a limb Aberdeen, Scotland of all places." (Good grammar by the way).

Mr Rutherford;

  1. Have you ever been to Scotland?
  2. Have you ever been to Aberdeen?
  3. Do you expect to be welcome?
  4. Who do you think is the Mini's target audience? There's two at the neighbour's across the road and one next door.
  5. My first 2 cars were Minis.
  6. Minis are great fun when the roads are icy/snowy/wet as they always are up here.
  7. You clearly have your head stuck up your posterior.
Feel free to let him know what you think!

Nuff said.

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totallyun-pc said...

I'd rather have a skodo felatio made out of sponge than a mini!

Noddy said...

My bro has a diesel Skoda Fabia and boy does it suck!

Noddy said...

My bro and I shared a metallic blue Mini 1275 GT with rally kit i.e. Recaro seat, sports wheel and Cibie spots etc. Great little car. I think BMW do a pretty good job on the new one, but hell is it pricey!