Saturday, July 21, 2007

Silence, Please - The Result.

I posted earlier about recent research into the most stressful occupations.

Poll is now closed and the results can be obtained by clicking the previous hyperlink.

As suspected there were a couple of folk who couldn't resist checking the answer out and swicking, either that or someone reads this whilst working as a Librarian and knew the answer first hand.

n.b. Due to a technical hitch, the winners of the competition for giving the correct answer have not been properly identified and we have given the prize to a valued member of the production staff. Big Ears says he is most grateful for the new gloves, what with the Arctic temperatures outside in Toytown.

The responses received were predictable given that this is a site Polis visit, but there were surprisingly low votes for the other categories and the 'real answer' scored lowest.

You know being a Librarian is also a dangerous job.

Good grief, my sarcastic tone is awfully like someone else I could mention.

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Whichendbites said...

Some of those books have particularly nasty edges. I understand that the silence is deafening too. I suppose the real strresssss must be all those books put back into the wrong places. Lets see..........history of bonsai replaced into the section onwhite water raft making. No, not the job for me.