Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Moustache Mystique

I was making one of my regular visits to the ever wonderful spdk blog and found that they too have a flickr™ page showing their SMT in their finest outfits (not a hiviz to be seen).

Pictured here are the Sooper himself and the Woman's Police Station (sic) boss.

Check the photos out.

Other than these two, it appears that part of the IPS uniform is an obligatory moustache, unless you have a crown (oops, bit too colonial there) on your shoulder or you are of the fairer sex.

Mind you the WPI looks like ..... well you decide.

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dickiebo said...

Last weekend off MacNoddy? Verrry posh blog!

Noddy said...

No - 4 to go yet!

Annette said...

That lady looks frightening.
I would not want to cross her!