Saturday, July 14, 2007

Terrorists - a laughing matter

Three newspaper articles got me thinking about how we view terrorists in this country.

First off there was the report in the Grauniad fearing that the newly convicted 21/7 bombers will radicalise other prison inmates, which kind of
suggests the next report from the Daily Mail, where one of their lawyers believes terror fanatics should have prisoner of war status is a non-starter. Amazing proposal really, because it would fully justify the USA's vindication of Gitmo and we all know that terrorists like to play by the rules.

Lastly, and my favourite is a piece in the Grauniad again which suggests making fun out of the situation is healthy. Now I would have to agree, wouldn't I?

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BelfastPeeler said...

Oh god, don't let them start this crap again. "We're political prisoners, not criminals" then they go on hunger strike and it all goes Pete Tong. I swear, there really is nothing new under the sun.

Annette said... tried that dna test?
How did you get on...are you going to print the result?
Thanks for the link but I still can't bl**dy do it!