Friday, July 27, 2007

Garden Patrol Over

Some things never change.

That's me completed my first nightshift back at work after my leave. Spent two nights chained to a desk writing up cases and statements that were deemed 'late' due to my absence. Don't other people have holidays?

Managed an obligatory 'domestic' custody and a few other minor matters in an otherwise blessedly quiet four days. Gazza, are you taking note?

Best call of the week was to the wonderfully Council monickered 'Garden Estate' of Toy Town™, where apparently there was a flower plucker on the rampage. Having asked the dispatcher to confirm just what he had just said hoping for a spoonerism and failing to catch him out, but at least lightening the mood of my colleagues, we sped to the herbaceous bountifulness of the southside sink to travel down the only road where not even a pot plant (and you can take that any way you like!) was to be seen. Obviously this street was the patio and slab area of the garden estate!

Never did find the flower plucker either.

Well off to enjoy the last of my 7 weekends off on the trot by cutting the grass, given that it's the first dry day for weeks and Big Ears keeps telling me it's like a jungle out there.

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Officer Dibble said...

I bet the on-air conversation on that call was one bleep away from a chat with Professional Standards.

Danny said...

Brilliant ... and good link up with Anne Droid... so the flower plucker (or bulb digger uppper... not such great spooneristic potential granted)is still on the go in 2009...