Saturday, July 21, 2007

Shocking Pink

I was just pottering about on the net and, in amongst the various feeds I subscribe to, I came across a wee article in the Register.

I am no expert, but apparently you ladies like nothing better than to shop till you drop for any designer item as long as it is pink.

Well here's the latest. I suppose it would be the ideal and somewhat cryptic revenge for being regularly prodded with something pink by members of the male species.

© Mr Plod

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Annette said...

Well, it has to pink, doesn't it!

Whichendbites said...


Girl*Next*Door said...

Of course it's got to be pink! Imagine the fun though, I want one if only to use on family members! Lol

uphilldowndale said...

But it's not quite the right shade of pink, it's a bit last season.
It should sell well through the school holidays, when do yours 'go back'?

Noddy said...

20th August. Just the one to go back, the other one being gainfully employed and off to Ibiza again in August. Peace will reign!