Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Special Branch Turn?

Fit like abidy?

Large Lugs here in from the garden with another of my occasional
wise observations.

I nearly weed myself reading this report from Sky News.

Barking. Completely barking!

I'm stumped at how stupid some of you humans can be sometimes. Anyway, it was good to see that the dyed money nipped the problem in the bud so to speak.

I think he should get the birch.

What a prune.

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Annette said...

What on earth was he thinking of?
Branching out, was he?
Let's not take a leaf out of his book!

But what about the bank staff? Thye must have thought he looked peculiar....he even waited in a queue!

Officer Dibble said...

You would have thought what he was up to would have been plane to see.

Was his reply to caution 'Oak ay?'

Noddy said...

I suppose I was bound to get lumbered with responses like these. Oh, the old chestnuts are all there....with the exception of mahogany, so spruce up your act Annette or are you sycamore puns?

Ringing off.