Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Action Plan

What with all the palaver at Glesga Airport, I thought you might be interested in a true anecdote from my Control Room daze.

Another Constable has posted about Full Emergencies etc. and Bloggshe has posted on SOPs. At the time of the incident I wish to retell we had 'Action Plans'. Basically, once you had decided what type of major incident it was, you selected an Action Plan and 'hey presto' the computer system attached a number of idiot-proof tasks for you to complete, including all the vital ones where you tell this gaffer and that gaffer all about what has happened and they are supposed to do what they have to do.

After the latest incident, where the co-ordination and pre-planning of the emergency services et al was praised for dealing smoothly and efficiently with the matter and its aftermath, although I rather suspect 'we' rather winged it, my own wee tale shows just how things can be different and not so simple. Having said that, three points spring to mind;

  1. What did the people first on scene think was happening?
  2. The local Plod should have, according to SOPs, disengaged himself from assisting at the scene, arresting miscreants etc. and acted as the Incident Officer and reported all and sundry to his Control Room - aye right!
  3. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
Here is my scenario - mid 1990's. Decide what you would have done?

999 call - "There's flying metal striking the airport terminal, cars are damaged outside, the terminal is damaged. I don't know what's happened. It's like an explosion."

Me - Action Plan selected - possible explosion at airport, not airside. Despatch units to terminal, alert Fire Service and Ambulance, contact Airport Control, advise Airport Police, Duty Inspector (Gadgety type - so he attends!) and Control Room Inspector. Await update. Airport Control are none the wiser and ask us for an update!

Meanwhile, the Control Room Sergeant gets another call (hence why he doesn't acknowledge my shout about the call I'm dealing with) alerting him to what is called a 'Ground Incident' at the airport.

He decides on the Action Plan for Ground Incident - Airside. His tasks need him to alert the Fire Service, Ambulance, Police units, Airport Police, Duty Inspector and the Control Room Inspector.

Confusion reigns. I've 'nicked' all the available units and the boss man to go to my call and the stripey wants them at the airport RVP. Bear in mind Police and other emergency service units are not meant to go anywhere else other than the RVP for an airside incident.

Stripey stands up and hollers across the room at me asking me what the feck I'm doing with all 'my' units and he needs them for 'his' call. He explains he has a helicopter, rotors whizzing, effectively capsizing on a helipad.

It's like poker as I trump him with my explosion and flying metal scenario. He folds.

Part two later...... in which I reveal all.

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