Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Trawlerman II

Aye min, it's a sair fecht oot in yon nirth sea.

It's guid to see yon programme back and noo withoot too mony subtitles fer the cousins in Sassenachland.

My lugs detected a wee bit o' elocution has bin happnin wi' the loons on board jist tae mak it a wee bittie easier tae follow.

Michty me, imagine 'at. Abidy in yon Bloo Toon spiking couthy! Fitever next?

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dickiebo said...

'Tis OK for you mate. Some of us need the sub-titles.

busybizzie said...

My parents used to watch Taggart with subtitles.

uphilldowndale said...

I thought I had best take a peek, phew its not as scary as I thought. I have lost my eye and ear for the doric, I served three years in a shop in Alloa, puting fine things in a poly poke, but many moons have past since then.

Noddy said...

Oh the wonderful Ochils!

uphilldowndale said...

Mr UHDD used to spend many happy hours running up and down them, he was particularly fond of doing so at night in the snow. Thanks for the link. :)