Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Here we go again.....

A national "Britain Day" to celebrate its values and achievements is being proposed by two senior ministers.

Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly and Immigration Minister Liam Byrne say it could be a new bank holiday or linked to the state opening of Parliament.

In 2006, a survey by BBC History magazine suggested the anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta in 1215 would be the most popular day for a Britain Day.

The 15 June date was favoured by 27% of the 5,002 people polled, ahead of VE Day (8 May) with 21%, and D-Day (6 June) with 14%.

Not many Scots would have voted for the 15th June, as I have alluded to in the past.

Chip on shoulder getting bigger!

Of course these MPs (who sound surprisingly like their ancestry is in the Emerald Isle) could always hijack the truly Scottish day - Hogmanay. At least we'd get double bubble for working it.

Remember, your vote counts (are you taking note IG? But, then of course you get a lump sum).


Charlie Lima said...

I think its a good idea to have a 'Britian' day I'm proud to be a 150th generation anglo-saxon but unless its there's a world cup looming I'd probaly be called a racist for waving a union jack out of my window. Other cultures within British society can have their marches and parades. I think we should celebrate being British without it being thought of as a xenophobic statement.

dickiebo said...

If it's British, that just may exclude you lot & us lot!

Twining says: said...

Noddy, explain this Chip, cos apparantly I have one too! I favour any celebrations!

Gazza said...

Found you, Noddy!!!

Presuming "they" all agree on a day, then pound to a penny it'll be kb'd by the Scots as it doesn't fit in with the tattie/local/whatever holidays that seem to be the norm with every town and village in the North-East.

Noddy said...


Why do the English insist on mentioning the World Cup and waving Union Flags? Surprised you never mentioned '66.


Noddy said...

Pee Pee,

Due to constant marginalisation of our own little minority in the UK we feel this way.

Annette said...

hogmanay,you mean mahogany.....don't you?!

Noddy said...


I remembered that, but didn't want to embarrass you!


Whichendbites said...

I suppose this will be a day to celebrate the politically correct diversity etc etc etc. I thought we already had them with the Saints, you know David, George, Andrew & Patrick. Sounds like a new boy band. We do we need another ? Apart from someone else to claim what they have done in the name of all that is good, for the community, country etc etc etc.