Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sheer Brilliance

Stating the bleedin' obvious has reached new heights as reported by the Beeb.

A Sussex Police Inspector charged with researching the correlation between lunar cycles and crime statistics has deduced that a full moon really does bring out the worst in mops.

Continuing his utterly incredulous research, he has also deduced that crime increases on pay day.

As a result of this genius, it has been decided to up the strengths of patrols on such days - sorry nights. Guess who won't be out there though?

Can I have an office to study the effects of heroin and crack cocaine addiction? It's my guess it fuels crime, but a nice little budget for the research and a cosy daytime job would be nice.

Is it any wonder we have lost faith in statistical analysis!


Charlie Lima said...

We often joke that its going to be a busy night due to the full moon now maybe its fact.

However what does this exert from the BBC report prove???:

'Meanwhile in 1994, Jack Nicholson starred in a film called Wolf, in which a publisher becomes infected by a creature and turns into a wolf at full moon.'

?? Jack Nicholson strarred in a film about it, it must be true!

Annette said...

P C South West did a blog about this. He asked whether we thought people went a bit mad when there is a full moon.
we all said yes.

Noddy said...

That's 'cos you are all Barking!

I have created a link.

Noddy said...


I thought that last paragraph was a bit surreal too!

Maybe its 'cos the moon is SHINING bright.


PC South West said...

I remember having a nightmare shift in the middle of the week. Domestic after domestic, fight after fight. It then dawned on me, is it a full moon? and you can guess the rest.
As for the analysts, well we have two at our nick that quite frankly I don't know how we would manage without. They provide all this information about what a great job we do and how we need to target certain areas. YEA RIGHT.
My skipper was asked to keep a spreadsheet on all our arrests, PND's and detections etc.
He reminded the bosses that we pay two people obscene salaries to do that so no chance was he wasting his time.

Twining says: said...

May I certify us all!

Whichendbites said...

Shining, here's johnny. I always tha ought he was executing a warrent or something.

Full moon, public order, no troops, wonderful. Nothing to do with alcohol and pissed up idiots then ?