Thursday, June 14, 2007

Kewl Skool

Don't do this and don't do that. What are they trying to do?

What has happened to kids today, or could it be soft teechurz, or is it a H&S risk assessment rotten to the core.

This gives me the pip.

For goodness sake it's flamin' June.

Surely the little urchins will be cooking and baking in this summer heat and the last thing they need is heating!

Weans, wear a semmit and a toorie bunnet if you must. I promise you they are this season's must have.
You'd also look like a super tramp!

© Chill Bill.
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PCFrankyFact said...

Cheers ma scots pal.
Ye would'ne believe the last few weeks.

PCFrankyFact said...

Wot ho! Noddy.
Thanks for visiting.

PC Bloggs said...

Duly linked. I forgot to mention that a sidebar link involves a guarantee of 1000 extra readers per day.

PC Bloggs said...

1000 extra for me I mean.

Annette said...

Sorry, this isn't about your blog, but I saw that you had told Gazza about me not liking wednesdays!
Do tell everyone!
I have been on holiday this week, didn't go anywhere it was just a break from work, but I still didn't like wednesday.
Probably because I knew that it was soon going to be the end of the week.
Back to work!!