Monday, June 11, 2007

Animal Crackers

In a shameless attempt to promote fellow bloggers and dig up previous posts, it has come to my attention that beasties are topping the news agenda this week.

There's poor old persecuted Dave the Dolphin about whom you can read more here and here. To which I've already commented, "
Flippin' heck, there was poor old Dave duckin' and divin' like a good 'un havin' a whale of a time when...." (see I can do mockney too!)

Then there's a spate of dog related tails, sorry tales, such as my personal favourite which is sure to have PeePee biting. Or you can have this one to which the only response can be, "You can't be serious." Mind you I've posted about dog on dog before.

If you are considering a visit to the Beijing Olympics stick to BurgerKing and you will be safe from Ronald Rat, that
well known anagram. How can this make you scared of fluffy bunnies? But, on the other hand, maybe you should be.

Seems the Japanese have got the right idea.


Annette said...

I love that picture!It did make me laugh.
And thanks for translating the previous blog.

Noddy said...

Gotta keep the customer satisfied!

Twining says: said...

Noddy you idiot dude! I like you. Absolutely brilliant link though. A racist dog. I could say there are some racists that are dogs, but I wouldn't. God, I am in tears you dufus! Wait till I come to Scotland, that's when I'll kick your butt for taking the Pee. The Pink Panther rules.

Twining says: said...

Noddy when you promote me and my blog it means alot to me, I am in tears!

Noddy said...

As anticipated PeePee bit - so to speak.

Feel free to promote me too - tho' I dinna want to be a stripey.