Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I speak English. I learn it from Powerpoint.


Weel its offishel noo, at least ats fit the Evening says. I cannae spik Doric at work.

Some Cambridge Don has decided at ers an affy lot o' wiys to say "Aye" an noo we hae tae say, "Yes, Yes."

Weel a' I hae tae say tae 'at is, "Awa bile yer heid."

Clearly the Empire thinking isnae deid jist yet doon south in Ivory Toor land.

Fit's mair Toytoon
Constabulary hae £25,000 tae lern us a' hoo tae spik couthy an' I hae tae ging on a course tae dae that. Am fair looking forward tae the poorpint presentashin. Shid be a richt hoot.

Roger and oot min.

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Twining says: said...


It's me Twining. I love that picture man!

Pee Pee, (Pink Panther)

Officer Dibble said...

I'd love to sit in and watch some poor 'loon' teaching Toytowns finest to speak 'couthy' on a powerpoint.

Fitaloon said...

Could have sworn you were born saff of the border my boy! Bit of a louthy place if I remember right.

Noddy said...

Codheads should not badmouth yellow bellies!

Sergeant Simon said...

fair point you mentioned this a loooooooooong time ago.

My defence is I don't have the faintest idea what you're talking about on this post.