Monday, June 18, 2007

Sing Hallelujah

I've just realised that between next weekend being a rostered weekend off, a training course causing (shame) me to have the following weekend off and then 4 off as a result of annual spaniel, that will be 7 weekends off in a row.

You will all be envious I'm sure, but remember that still gives scope for the department of critical emailing to go into overdrive each Monday and on my return from hols. What's more the course is in Custody Handling. I am sooooo looking forward to working the charge counter and cells.

And there's I can't say it.

So don't be too jealous my friends and be safe.

p.s. Eyesight poor? Stop visiting porn sites or click on the photo to go large!

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1 comment:

Sergeant Simon said...

7 weekends off in a row? Seven???????????