Saturday, June 23, 2007


Animals get bad press when it comes to metaphors for being under the affluence of incahol.

There's Drunk as a skunk, Pissed as a newt and Rat-arsed.

As far as the last item goes, it seems that these rat faced recidivist rodents are just as partial to drop of whisky and beer as Noddy.

If the Polis over in India need somewhere more secure than a cop shop to keep their 'stash', Noddy has volunteered his services. Noddy tells me he'll keep the whisky safe.

I told him to pull the other one, it's got Bells on!

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Twining says: said...

Noddy, oi, I met some police in India. They were quite nice fellows dear boy. Apart from the dreaded Inspector. He was an absolute ass my friend! I might post a picture if you ask nicely.

Mousie said...

If the cap fits...


Noddy said...


Oh wondrous Sergeant how can I curry favour with you?

Noddy said...


You will be nursing a king size hangover then?

ps enjoyed your blog and have put you on my side bar.....hint!

Mousie said...

Nothing cures a hangover like a good curry and a few beers!

I can take a hint... the pleasure is all mine.