Friday, June 01, 2007

Wipe your feet on the way out please

We've all been there. You know what I mean, the sort of house where you come out scratching your head for more than one reason!

The piles of collected rubbish, some mouldy, some not. The literally hundreds of milk bottles, some washed, some not. The faeces covered toilets, the empty bottles of cheap vodka. More often than not here's a sad old soul sat in the only corner of the room not part of this tip....and often they themselves are shabby, unkempt, quiet...too quiet. Too often they have passed away without anyone noticing.

OK so that's the heavy, melancholy bit over, now the dark humour... I got to thinking how dumb do you have to be to bring the detritus into your office from the shitehole you have just visited, when I thought about the above and the linked article from the Beeb. How many times have you come away literally itching to scratch that feeling of well ..... you know FLEAS!

Bet ya's all itching now, but probably not just like Ms Hilton!

p.s. I eagerly anticipate comments relating to crustaceans!

p.p.s. I did consider heading this post "Good Crieff".

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Officer Dibble said...

Did someone shout 'Surfs up!'