Tuesday, June 19, 2007

THE First Lady

I'm not supposed to be political, but for this brave lady I will gladly make an exception.

I am in awe at her selfless devotion to a valiant cause.

On her birthday, to quote the words of William Wallace, let us pray for and demand her richly deserved and heinously overdue "FREEDOM" now!

© Noddy

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Annette said...

Yes, just like Nelson Mandela,or anyone else they might find to be a threat,hide them, repress them. But all they do in fact is make them hero's.
They think if they hide them people will forget them and their course, but, of course, they don't.
She will never give up.

dickiebo said...

You are right again, Mr. Noddy. She is a wonderful person and you have given me the 'idea' of doing a blog on her.

Noddy said...


As we say in these parts, "Go on yersel."