Monday, June 11, 2007

Revelation 21:4

I'd had a late turn and an early visit from the gas board, so once they'd finished I had a wee siesta. Just afore I climbed the wooden hill I'd read early reports about a fatal shooting by Police in Kent, but little was known at this time. Up to date reports such as from Sky News and Reuters give a fuller picture. Seems the guys down there took affirmative action and after the recent tragedy with PC Richard Gray, you can hardly blame them, but musn't pre-judge eh?

So, to the main gist of this post, unfortunately I also woke to the reality check that is the death of PC Jon Henry in Luton. My problems were washed away into a pool of insignificance as I tried to empathise with the grief of Jon's kith and kin. Doesn't work does it, but prayers do, tonight and every night and save a prayer for the morning after.

You can read other colleagues' blogs and thoughts here (the first I went to was, as usual, spot on) where I'm sure Jon's passing will not be forgotten.

A couple of points must be made though.

  • The last two Police Officer deaths have seen firearms officers attend and now tasers and baton rounds used. I used to say that the day they give me a gun I would retire, 'cos it would mean the country had gone to ratshit. Well, maybe that time is closer than I thought. I don't have an awful long time to go, but trouble lurks round every corner as they say and there seem to be more corners to negotiate these days. I don't envy my younger colleagues and I will always respect each and every one of them that still join to SERVE others, not least Jon himself.
  • As my post header suggests - We look forward to that time when there shall be no more death.
RIP Jon.


PlanetPolice Admin said...


As with you sympathies to the families of the deceased. Especially to the families of PC Jonathan Henry.

Secondly, thanks for the link to I didn't make any announcements regarding planetpolice simply hoping that it would be noticed and prove to be useful. Hopefully none of the Police bloggers object. I'll update the site soon to provide better contact details.

Best wishes

Annette said...

R.I.P Jon Henry

Noddy said...

I think Jon's wife says it all - and very brave of her to come out and say it.