Thursday, August 23, 2007

All Along the Watchtower ....

.... there are a lot of damaged weans. Kingdom Hell that's what I'd call it.

Michael Porter commits 24 sex abuses on kids over a sustained period of fourteen years and 'gets off' with a 3 year community rehabilitation order, because he's a changed man. Certainly changed 13 unlucky kids' lives. Kids aren't having a good time of it lately and what signal does this give out?

Most damning was his own sister's verdict. Shame she wasn't on the bench.

Personally, I reckon he should have been locked up till he walks with the aid of zimmer, man!

This has been some week for daft judicial decision making.

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uphilldowndale said...

It took my breath away, when I heard that one of the reasons the judge gave for a non custodial sentence was that the offender was a 'man of faith'
To me that seemed to make the offences more despicable rather than less, It was such a breach of the trust placed in him by his Church.
An outcome like this offers no deterrent and yet more anguish for the victims and their families

dickiebo said...

"Daft judicial decision-making". Aren't all judicial decisions daft? Certainly seems that they are divorced from reality.

Charlie Lima said...

I was gonna post on this, its absolutely digusting, what the F*UK was the judge thinking. what kind of mesage does this send out to the victims and other perverts?

"I'm absolutely disgusted. I'm very, very angry. We thought he would get a sentence of at least 12 months. He's just not human. He's an evil monster. He can't have a soul." - and this is what his own sister thought!

Dray said...

Being a fan of the O'Reilly Factor on Fox, who's pushing for "Jessica's Law" - minimum 25 years across the States - Fox would have a lotta fun with this guy and the Judge, chasing them both around with a microphone. The reporters would be nicked under the Protection from Harassment Act July 1997 (rev September 1997) here. Pffft!

His sister also said he was being supported by "his wife and his church" Sickening. This twit of a judge should have considered that he was in a religious community because it offered him an easy supply of 'grooming stock'.

I'm furious the JW's don't/didn't have an established child protection policy. If they did, why wasn't it enforced?

Still, on the bright side side, as a door-to-door'er, his face will be well known in his area....

Annette said...

It's unbelievable.

Noddy said...

Welcome Dray,

I wondered about the JW's non-adherence to child protection policy myself. Just look at the mess the RC church got into. They learnt the hard way.


Whichendbites said...

Like CL I saw this and was going to put up a post. This is a disgrace. There is yet another example of far too much misplaced appathy, sympathy and lack of punishment that you have no trouble understanding why people think the law is a complete & utter arse. Public confidence is the system is again shredded for this 'reformed character'. Someone, somewhere will reform him and we will have to pick up the pieces, again.

James said...

The best place for that man is a very, very secure psychiatric hospital, because he's not right in the head.

But that's a far cry from being evil.