Wednesday, August 01, 2007

We Come One

Black in Blue aka Twining has posted a real teaser and follow up post in respect of a local council employee and his ...... well let's be honest ...... racist abuse of a Rastafarian. (Loved the spell check on that one - offered me Rotarian!)

Why are we bothering if such a blatant case doesn't go to court?

If I was from a minority..... hang on I'm a drunken kilted
caber tossing Jock ..... I would be pressing hard for this decision to be reversed PDQ. It's a travesty. Go comment on his site if you will and let's hear those voices.

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totallyun-pc said...

we just signed a 9 year old wonder kid.... your gonna be runners up for decades old chap!

Noddy said...

Are you you taking the mickey?