Thursday, August 09, 2007

Meritocracy or pluralism?

In all honesty this is just an excuse to use this picture again......

Being serious, OK - I know not one of my usual traits, but I used to live in a country where merit was rewarded and I thought this was just fine. I was young, naive, a go-getter. Now, I'm old and crusty and just a tad cynical. Nothing wrong with that, some call it experience.

Have a squint at this and this, then read on.

The two contrasting articles got me thinking. Is it wrong to give the disadvantaged a little leg up? Some call it positive discrimination, others levelling the playing field. Some call it unfair, biased and the excess of political correctness. You decide.

I know that as far as the second article goes, in my earlier days, the applicant would have been hired for sure. Poor gnomes, cute as they are, wouldn't have stood a chance. Can't think why!

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Annette said...

1. The recruiment of black and asian officers:
I have always believed that it doesn't matter what colour you are, it's whether you are capable of doing the job that counts.
I.E. Whether you have the qualifications etc.and able to understand and do your duty to the full.

2. The young lady, abigail, should sue. That is totally biased.If a black or asian person was told the same thing he/she would sue.
Abigail should sue them and good luck to her.

Whichendbites said...

Positive discrimination ! I've heard of this. This is someonething that a couple of Forces tried on but was found to be illegal and therefore racist. Don't know how much the compo totalled to the white males who were positively discriminated against and were applicant rejected, but be assured of one thing, if you were out on your duty thing and you were deemed to be racist you would no longer have a job. You would be all over the media as a racist and what the 'Police' don't tolerate. If you are a top ranking officer and you decide on this and claim positive discrimination then everything is somehow alright, even with the financial loss to the Force. Now there's a worthwhile use of budget for you as well as what some people might call double standards.

Girl*Next*Door said...

"positive discrimination" But if that "positive discrimination" was angled at anyone other than a white person it would be known as "racism" would it not?

But I'm forgetting I'm an English white hetrosexual & therefore my opinions or views don't count because I am not of a minority.

Well, apart from the female minority but us girls have always had the upper hand ;) We just let the blokes think otherwise! Lol

Seriously, it hacks me off in some sort of order, why is it so hard for everyone to be treated equally regardless of race, religion or sexual preferences? If I fail to get through my local force's recruitment drive then on my next application I will declare myself as;

Religion: Buddhism

Sexual orientation: Lesbian

Sex: Transsexual. Below average height & of Irish descent.

Going by those reports I should sail through if I put that down!

Girl*Next*Door said...

Oh ps, have also put link up. Only just noticed me on your sidebar :)

BelfastPeeler said...


50/50 my shiny arse.