Friday, August 24, 2007

Cot Fuzz

This is ridiculous.

And you thought I was only kidding.

Still, they've got the hiviz kit so that should have Al-Qaida quivering.

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Charlie Lima said...

LOL I bet it was your idea wasn't it! Just trying to get your kids a job!

They are just hall prevects but for the street. We never took no notice of prevects at our school they were all geeks and used to get picked on.

Dunploddin (Hielan') said...

It's a headline grabber, alright, and that seems to the way these days.

Betcha they have not thought it through though. As C-L says in his comment "..used to get picked on", so what happens when bullying etc of these 'junior wardens' starts?

Correct, involve the polis. More paperwork for the bobby on the beat - deep joy.

Be safe, and keep up the good work.

North East Policeman said...

Makes Thames Valley PCSOs look positively decrepit!