Tuesday, August 21, 2007

That 'D' word.

Once upon a time it used to be the 'Q' word that polismen and wimmen were feart o'. These days it is the 'D' word.

'D' for Domestics. Don't get me wrong, the new zero tolerance stance has my general approval, despite the fact that most of us Plods hate all the associated forms required for even the smallest of invariably alcohol fuelled bickers between consenting adults.

However, I recognise that for anyone to be brave enough to call the Polis when things go wrong in a partnership, there must have been either a bleeding (sic) big stooshie or a considerable history of violence, oppression or sharp tongued abuse.

Given all that, it is with some disquiet that I refer to a report in the Daily Mail. Please read it - it is unbelievable how blase the court appears to be.

He looks like a decent enough spud in the photo, well educated etc., but clearly he is a mysoginous muppet.

Bizarrely, this overpaid oaf was only fined 2 grand with the decision that;

He was spared even a community punishment because the judge ruled that "special circumstances" suggested he was unlikely to re-offend and his job meant he was too "busy" to find the time to complete any order.

I am going to have to agree with Judith Stephenson, of Women's Aid, when she said:

"This case is extremely worrying. It takes an enormous amount of courage for a woman (or man - ed.) to go to court and this sentence may deter other women (men - ed.) from doing so."

I think the victim has a justified Axe to grind and he needs the chop!

Oh, and by the way, I ain't even going to mention the 'R' word! Damn, I think I just did.

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Charlie Lima said...

That is digusting, what a horrible C**T. The courts are a F**cking joke, we get the blame for the state of law and order in this country, its not us we try are hardest get these F**ckers sent down but they are so many hurdles.

Mousie said...

"But the judge said it was the circumstances of the marriage that had provoked Read"

Well, that's alright then!

Shame on you, madam, for forgetting to make your husband's sandwiches or ironing his shirt - you deserve everything you get, you lazy cow!

It's high time we had an overhaul of a judicial system which allows dangerous scumbags like this to go free, even when they've been convicted of a serious assault.

Who knows what he'll do to his next partner / victim.

PTCOP said...

The arrogance of this individual is staggering. Perhaps prison may have put him on the receiving end of violence, and put him thru the abject fear he put that poor young woman through. We jail white collar criminals as a 'punishment' when they have done no physical harm to anyone. Yet this type of behaviour is fine, as prison 'would help no one'!

The CPS better bloody appeal!

Girl*Next*Door said...

If I employed him he would be sacked.
If I was the judge he would have gone down.
& if I was his mother I certainly wouldn't have been at court for him.

Scumbag (I won't swear)

He's as far from a man as you can possibly get, same as they all are.
I've never been in a physically abusive relationship but did get sucked into a mentally abusive one & it is amazingly difficult to see just who's at fault & to not make excuses or be cut off from those close to you.
If it hadn't been for a very close & good friend I don't know what would have happened or quite how far things would have gone.

Noddy said...

.... and it gets worse folks

Noddy said...

... on the other hand be warned, beware the wrath of a woman scorned.

uphilldowndale said...

Do these judgements illustrate an 'old boys' network, that some how doesn't (or more likely,not willing to) accept that because some one is well educated professional they are capable of behaving like this.
I hope he gets hit where it hurts by the GMC, would you want him anaesthetise your child, would you want some one who can not control such a violent temper making life and death decisions about your loved ones.

James said...

If I ever find a Force desperate enough to employ me, it'll probably be the likes of that little shitemark who get me sacked, because I'd make extremely certain he needed more hospital treatment than his wife before anyone could drag me off him.