Friday, August 24, 2007

Too Young

Okay, so there's been a lot of stories and debate of late in respect of our yoof, whether it be young community cops, mind boggling shootings involving kids etc.

I thought it was high time to bring to your attention the somewhat bizarre anomalies in current, admittedly Scottish, Law in respect to minimum/maximum age.

In no particular order of significance;

  • Over 7 - Legally responsible
  • 16 - Marriage
  • 16 - Drink alcohol (except spirits) with a meal at a restaurant or lounge bar/hotel
  • 16 - Buy cigarettes
  • 16 - Have sex
  • 16 - Drive a moped
  • 17 - Drive a car
  • 18 - Drink spirits and purchase from off-sales
  • 18 - Watch R rated film
  • 18(1/2) - Join the Polis

I have also started a Poll on my side bar in respect to the most appropriate minimum age YOU think is correct for Police Officers and for that matter PCSOs (England/Wales/N.Ireland) or Community and Neighbourhood Wardens (Scotland).

Please participate. It's a good cause.

Update - October 2007 - Fags are now 18.

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Girl*Next*Door said...

For joining the police I think 21 is the right age. By that time you've had chance to gather some life experience, mature and see a bit of life before committing yourself to a career that is very demanding, both professionally & personally.

Dray said...

Hmmm, that's a difficult one.

Amongst my offspring I have an under 20, who works, and an over 20 who won't get out of bed. They also have a grandfather who thinks 'they' should bring back national service. And vote Labour. (Bear with me on this...)

Just watched some, golly, six, of our PCSO's being dropped off from a PCSO van - Fella's over 45 (why do they all limp?) partnered with ladies under 30.

So, national service as PCSO's, from 20 to er...35? Mutating into 'proper coppers' later. And no limping. Yes?