Monday, August 13, 2007

Wish me well, please.

I'm off to the Highlands for a few days (so no posts).

Ordinarily that would be just the ticket, but I've also got to stay with the in-laws.

Cue the mother-in-law jokes up for my return please.

However, I have been Reading some good news!

No wonder someone took the night off yesterday - didn't want to face my gloating no doubt.

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Fitaloon said...

"Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our English dead! In peace there's nothing so becomes a man As modest stillness and humility: But when the blast of war blows in our ears, Then imitate the action of the tiger; Stiffen the sinews, summon up the blood, Disguise fair nature with hard-favour'd rage; Then lend the eye a terrible aspect."

Act 3, scene 1, lines 1-9, Henry V

Gazza said...

Ahem. As you well know, Sir Noddy of Toytownshire, I do not gloat. Gloating is for the minions (Man U fans). I may offer some words of condolence and sympathy when the Toon whup yo' ass over the coming season, however, unlike your good self, sir, I shall not be brazenly bringing it up in every conversation for the entire shift. Well.....not for that long anyway....Maybe on the odd when there's a D in the day.......Or when it's a cup match.......

.....I'll get me coat.....

Annette said...

Have a lovely holiday.