Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Twa Neigbourhood Noddies

The police are getting younger, so my ickle bruvver has volunteered his two eldest to become Neighbourhood and Community Wardens (since PCSO's are something different up in these parts) to help me in my fight against crime.

They are seen here in basic cordon training as Kindergarten Cops a few years back at Toy Town
™ Police College Nursery Division and should be ready for duty in a couple of years time.

Perhaps we could call them Neighbourhoodies!

(p.s. My kids are off, one to Italy to be a plumber, and the other to the USA as a sewer Inspector, if their attire is to be followed up in the same way - answers on a postcard welcomed for that little quiz!)

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Annette said...

aahhh, they are so sweet.

Noddy said...

Is the quiz too tricky?

Anonymous said...

Is mario one option

Noddy said...