Monday, October 29, 2007

More Bollards

Scots Law, not just criminal, but civil too, is a wee bit different to that practised down south. Occasionally, as reminded to me by a recent call, it can seem a bit crass.

Here's the scenario. Non-resident parks various cars in a private car parking area. He's asked politely to move same. What can the law do for the residents when he ignores the requests?

Up hereabouts, very little unless you want to pursue the miscreant in the civil courts for actual financial loss as a result. That would be pretty difficult to prove and bleedin' costly.

You can't tow away - a previous High Court ruling deemed that Theft.

You can't use wheel locks and claim reparation - a previous High Court ruling deemed that Theft and Extortion.

All you can do is secure the parking area with barriers or bollards.

The resident I spoke to tells me they are to install something similar to this, about which I posted a good while ago.

I'm off to watch the fun!

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Fitaloon said...

Always found putting a nail in the tyre or sprinkling glass round the car worked well for persistent offenders.
Blocking them in and disappearing for a while was always good for a laugh as long as you didn't mind having your car put in danger (Mine was pretty knackered)
Funniest time was when two non residents manged to damage each others cars, ended in good fight and more dents in the cars.
Plus all the excuses were normally good for a laugh, Normally involved being blind and / or grandma's etc