Friday, October 19, 2007

Panty shot

You've heard of a mail shot, well here's a female shot.

Go on ladies it's a worthwhile cause and it would appear packaging shouldn't be a problem.

© Noddy
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Officer Dibble said...

I like the thinking behind this.
I might send my Y fronts in despatch to my area boss.
Tell him if he doesnt stop sending out the latest batch of snotty E mails he starts getting the unlaundered variety.

Annette said...

Oh noddy that has made me laugh.
You see that was excatly what was hanging on the washing line when I lived at home with ,my mum.
1950...full briefs..for my mum
1970...high legs for my older sister...
1990...smaller ones....for me!!

I have tried the 2006 ones but they are a bit too small, now I'm older!!

I never thought I would be talking about my knickers to anyone on these blogs sites!!!