Friday, October 12, 2007


A police spokeswoman said: "It's disappointing because it's been a really positive initiative that has been rolled out across the force area."

What could she be talking about?

Go on .... you know you want to find out what Derbyshire's latest 'initiative' is.

Meanwhile in China, there don't appear to be any resource problems.

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Twining said...

Noddy, nice to see your back. We did miss you. I wore a kilt by the way! And thanks for supporting the Burmese cause...

totallyun-pc said...

Maybe chelsea can stick one up of the special one in the locker room, before they hit mid table mediocrity!

uphilldowndale said...

Some one will have course written the post code on the back of the poor 2DPC, with one of those ultra violet marker pen things, so they can take him back home, should he be found wandering the streets.
I do hope they haven't left him out in the rain; he will go all floppy and warped.

Noddy said...

TUPC - I knew you'd bite!