Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Digging up a story

I was looking about for some serious crime to report and dug up this.

There's serious crime, petty ones and then there's grave offences.

Surrey Police, get your hiviz jackets......

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Whichendbites said...

I was searching a large cemetary which took over 2 hours to complete.

During my time I regularly saw three blokes walking round carrying shovels.

No matter where I was I saw them walking around apparently lost.

When I had finished searching, I again saw the three and eventually my
curiosity got the better of me so I approached them.

Following a brief chat I found that the three were, in fact, grave diggers
and they had completely lost the plot.

Noddy said...


get your coat......

uphilldowndale said...

WEB, LOL, I really needed a giggle this morning I was feeling as snappy as that dog of yours, but I feel better now!