Friday, October 12, 2007

European Dreams

Someone mentioned something about me not posting for a while. True. Can't really say why, just been too busy with the minutiae of every day life I guess. Oh, and the little Noddies have a new Playstation 3, which as you know all good Dads need to check out!
I am now busy catching up with fellow bloggers missives and will be adding some comments I'm sure.

Meanwhile up here in Jockland the natives are still reeling (eightsomes included) after the miracles performed by our footballers, both at national and club level. Even the Toytowners
managed to get themselves into European competition proper. This was good, but guess who was nightshift on the night they qualified? Whilst everyone was in very good humour, they decided to be just so till, as we say up in these pairts, the wee sma hours. Unfortunately for me the need to corral the revellers coincided with the need to report a serious assault for court the next morning. There are very few times people see Mr Plod running these days (that's what BP's for), but there I was jogging to the Reports Office at 6.30 in the morning with the associated paperwork to ensure the ne'er-do-wells antics were in the Fiscal's hands on time.

The UEFA Cup draw also cancelled one of my days off, when no doubt I will be patrolling some street corner of Toytown
™ and unable to see the Dandies in action.

Staying with the footie, I applaud UEFA on only hitting Celtic with a fine after their excellent win over the European Champions and also handing out the ban to Dida. I find his club's reaction pitiful in defending him, but then Italian teams never cheat do they? Just ask Zidane for a comment on that one! I have to congratulate,
and it sticks in my throat to do so, Rangers for what was quite frankly the best club result of all against Lyon. Truly unbelievable.

I suppose most of you will be asking yourself why I haven't mentioned the other Blues. One has to have an appropriate period of mourning. I think things are back on an even keel now and we are still on for four trophies, unlike others I might care to mention. We will all miss Jose's uniqueness.

Now to see how the folk south of the border get on against the French in that game with odd shaped balls. Here's hoping Johnny's fit and uninjured!

..... and then there's a small matter of two very important games for McLeish's Marvels. If we win on Saturday, I can't see me getting home
from work on time at 5pm!

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Gazza said...

Wa-hey. He's back :)

Annette said...

Missed you.
glad your back.

Fitaloon said...

When you talked about the team in blue I was sure you meant those top three contenders Man City rather than the middle of the league sinkers Chelsea. Good to see you have remembered how to type again.

DBA Dude said...

Hpoe that you got hame at a reasonable time loon!

Good to have you back.