Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Because ewe are worth it

This post was inspired by a comment left by Uphilldowndale on my previous post.

Having twice visited the excellent Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre, I was ahead of the game and can offer you numerous examples of Scottish ingenuity in the ovis department, such as this offering from deepest Teuchterland and the direct link to the photo below.

The bored, depressed sheep in Ruralshire get a makeover courtesy of L'Oreal.

PeePee - now you know where that kilt you wore came from.

© Noddy
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DBA Dude said...

At this rate you will soon overtake IG in the "Gratuitous Farm Animals Pics Sweepstake"!

Thanks for the link.

uphilldowndale said...

Love it, can I now raise the bar?
Maybe a 'Fair Isle' pattern,would be nice

Noddy said...

They are doing dogs, but not live sheep.

Twining said...

hey, I quite like the kilt!