Sunday, October 28, 2007

José who?

Beautiful football as promised and even Sheva scored!

The ickle bruvver will not be amused.

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Fitaloon said...

Sorry but I am not a little englander so I only follow proper Scottish Football so bit of a mixed weekend but at least the 'gers were beaten.
Malkie popped down to Glasgow with his godfather Alan to watch the Celts put 3 past Motherwell.

uphilldowndale said...

My boy wants to know, how come you support Chelsea?
Is there not a local team!

Noddy said...


Click here.

It's a long story involving where I lived at the time (Services family), my late uncle, Miss World, the Waldorf Hotel, Rolls Royces, private boxes, the Ideal Home Exhibition, Manchester United, the European Cup etc and yes there is a local team - the Dandy Dons.