Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A bridge too far

Every so often I wonder which planet the Eurocrats live on.

According to the P&J,
more than 200 Highland bridges are in breach of European weight limits and should not be carrying articulated lorries, it has emerged.

Eight years after a European directive came into force, almost a third of road bridges in the region have still not been strengthened to take 40-tonne vehicles.

Bridges on B-roads at Merkadale, on Skye, and Letters near Ullapool, are among the 227 which are in breach of the safety limits.

About 90 structures in the Highlands have been upgraded at a cost of £1million per year. It is predicted that it would cost about £60million to strengthen the remaining 227 bridges.

David MacKenzie, the Highland Council's chief engineer, said that all the affected bridges were still safe to use for ordinary motorists.

Have you seen the sort of countryside roads up our way. 40 tonne artics - lucky if you can get a horse and cart up some of these drover's paths.

PC MacFaraway, Ardnamurchan - "Calling HQ. Re this RTC involving a lorry and the new Eurobridge. There's an allegation of excess speed. Could I have a tachograph examination trained officer attend please?"

HQ, Inverness - "Roger. Hold." .....................

HQ - "Calling PC MacFaraway. Roger. Tomorrow do?"

(Picture of Cromdale Bridge courtesy of the ickle bruvver).

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DBA Dude said...

Thought that I recognised that bridge - ah the back road to Cromdale, brings back memories.

I grew up in GOS and that road is very twisty - never ever saw even a wee artic on it.