Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Sweet Smell Of Justice...

... and there was you thinking there'd been a righteous decision in one of our courts, but no I'm sorry.

I merely wish to draw your attention to Sky News and their report that:

Designers in India have had enough of sweaty policemen and are giving officers in the state of Gujarat an image overhaul.

Their new uniforms will be impregnated with the fragrance of flowers and citrus.

Designer Somesh Singh said: "They are not the first person one would choose to meet, but if they smell good and fresh, one might as well approach them."

The uniforms use cotton with a fragrant finish, reflective prints and fibre optic technology to make sure they not only smell good, but glow at night so officials can be easily seen.

They will retain their scent even after washing as the fragrance is embedded in the cotton during processing.

The police seem eager to try out their new uniform, with senior officer RK Patel saying: "We are tired of wearing the thick cotton brown colour uniform with a broad belt and plastic badges. If the new uniform makes us stand out in the crowd, keep us active with a pleasant aroma and yet is very formal, then we are all for it."

Does this mean I can ditch my Brut 33?

p.s. Can we have judges like this?


Black in Blue said...

Do I call you Noddy? I like this post. Excellent blogging old bean. India gets very very hot so if this fragrence stays nice then I am sure the people of India will benefit. Oh but I see more. I can just see the gangsters with moustaches when they are arrested after a serious shoot out, basically puking up, at the sweet smell of justice! Long live Noddy. (Twining)

Black in Blue said...

Nice blogging old bean. Can you see the gangsters arrested after a shoot out in an old indian city. They will smell the sweet smell of justice. In India they will now call all the cops pansies, oh will this be ridiculed. So for the macho cops this is going to be an absolute laugh!

Annette said...

Brut 33 is lovely, but I must insist you use Linx.
I cannot resist a man who smells of Linx.
I would follow any man wearing that.