Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ghostly Trio

ITN report the following:

A public warning by police that three convicted burglars (housebreakers) are about to be released from jail has been described as an "extremely bizarre" decision.

The National Association for Care and Resettlement of Offenders (NACRO) said Suffolk Police were unfairly stigmatising the three men.

The group said the warning also appeared to be suggesting that prison did not work.

The Prison Reform Trust said the force had entered new territory and questioned whether the warning was necessary.

Both organisations said they had never heard of a police force issuing such a warning before.

Suffolk Police issued a press release warning residents in west Suffolk to beware because the three men were being released from prison in the near future.

Superintendent Jon Brighton said the number of burglaries in "west Suffolk" had dropped from nearly 700 in 2000 to around 500 in 2006.

And he added: "These men, should they choose to re-offend, have the capacity to undo all that hard work."

Police did not name the men or give any clues to their identity.

Who you gonna call?


Annette said...


re your comment on my blog:

Yes, we should have triple time for wednesdays and that should be back dated from the time I started......16 years ago.

Alastair said...

So totally un-PC and unfair to do this to these Crims!