Saturday, March 10, 2007


There has been a fair bit of a kerfuffle in the media and amongst fellow bloggers regarding the incident in northern Britain (?) whereby a wee lassie was apprehended by the local Polis.

It's illuminating to see this update from Sky News. I just wonder if this video will go into the public domain? Personally, I feel there has been a rush to judgement from all quarters. This includes the Cop's own force, who commented that the video was shocking and then on reflection stated, having seen the whole footage, that it was consistent with the application of force continuum. Thereafter, the force appear with one hand to be 'backing him up' and then removing him from front-line duties.

Having said that, I rather suspect that the result of the enquiry will not be as desired, or to use the lassie's own words, "
I hope they get what's coming to them," but will be a disappointing, politically correct, fudge for all of the parties concerned.

What most will agree with though is the utterly despicable way in which Race has become an issue in this matter. It has been said before that many of the so-called ad-hoc anti-racist forums/spokespersons are actually, on many an occasion, creating a more divided not diverse society. This time, I believe 'they' have shot themselves in the foot.

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James said...

I'm honestly in two minds about this. I'm at best sceptical about the woman's claim that she'd just had a seizure, though it's not totally implausible (disorientation and irrational behaviour are pretty common in the immediate aftermath of an attack of grand mal epilepsy). But since when has the standard restraining procedure for this situation been to hit someone until they get a dead arm?