Wednesday, March 07, 2007

c u m8 yr T's oot

I'd heard on the radio on my way home yesterday from work what John Reid had now come up with to further enhance his and his department's reputation, but having just managed to crawl to my bed at 1100 hours after an extended nightshift, I was unable to post on same.

In my forced absence Yornicked and Totally Un-PC managed to get in and post early. Not much else I can add to their posts, but to register my complete disbelief at the powers that be in London.

They probably think they r KEWL!


Stan Still said...

I happen to think that this government are a bnch of cnts n I wunt pay em n wshrs!

Alastair said...

But the Home Office admitted that the effectiveness of the initiative will be limited, as there is no obligation on visitors to provide officials with their mobile phone numbers

Bunch of fuckwits.

Noddy said...