Monday, March 19, 2007

An old codger, a bold dodger & a cold todger

"He jist flashed by, ken."

My ickle bruvver couldn't resist this story from Perth which was reported by the Beeb.

A pensioner is being sought by police after he was spotted driving naked around a bowling green in Perth on a motorised scooter.

The man, thought to be in his 70s, was seen in South Inch by a passer-by at about 1000 GMT on Thursday.

The witness was concerned he would be seen by children at a nearby park.

A Tayside Police spokesman said the man put his clothes back on and drove off. The man's scooter is believed to have a top speed of 3 mph.
The sheer speed of his getaway obviously dissuaded any pursuers. Apparently several officers were dispatched to the bowling club to investigate but the fugitive had gone - leaving tyre tracks as the only clue to his identity.

A spokeswoman for Tayside Police confirmed they were looking for the fugitive. She said:

"At 10.10am, a naked man was seen on a disability motorised scooter at the South Inch.

"The area was searched and there was no trace of the male involved. We are still actively looking for him."

According to Polis pursuit rules we are not supposed to pursue folk on bikes/scooters that are not wearing helmets (though his helmet may well have been on display) in case they fall off (the rider that is) and injure themselves. I suppose that would include a foot pursuit too given the speed.

When caught I'm sure he will be ASBO'd!

As ickle bruvver noted, a brave old man in this weather!

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