Monday, March 26, 2007


Are you sitting comfortably? This will probably be my longest post to date.

There have been a few matters and posts elsewhere that I have felt needed comment in one place and this post will be it.

I have brought all my thoughts together (that took some work!) and have decided to sort them under the banner of Champions.

Football Champions - Scotland, yes we are the unofficial world champions again after the win over Georgia. We have also been the world champions longest. Don't believe me? Click here. Thought I'd add this before we get humped in Bari and the balloon bursts!

Championing a cause - well it couldn't be anyone else than Inspector Gadget for his postings about poor Dan Coffill, his family and friends. So many issues were highlighted by these posts and links elsewhere that I cannot do TRUE JUSTICE to the forcefulness of the posts other than to ask that you read the posts/links and then reflect on the most significant point.....where does it all leave Dan and his family.

However, I will add a couple of observations that do need made;

  • When is a Police Officer off duty? My understanding is that a police officer is such 24 hours a day and should/would be expected to exercise his/her role and behave accordingly and appropriately at all times when the circumstances dictate so. However, as Bloggshe observed, some countries think differently. It might also be pertinent to observe that when a Polisman/woman gets in the brown stuff, he/she can expect to be the football of the circulation war in the media and then get the double-whammy of a PSCD investigation even if the matter takes place outwith rostered work hours.
  • Jurors disclosing feelings about a trial.... Hmmm moot point. I have to suggest, respectfully cos' he's a guvnor and motivated by a genuinely felt despair etc. for Dan's case, that the greater good of anonymity of Jurors must hold precedence and any link to any site giving such details, however well intentioned, may entice folk to think such revelations (however shocking or because they reveal additional misdemeanours or the failure of the system) question the very substance and foundation of the judicial system (particularly the concept of jury trials) and I do not believe that, in the long run, is of benefit.
'nuff said. Just spare a thought or prayer for Dan and his folks, because whatever the circumstances, he and they sure didn't deserve this.

Champions of fluffyness - I'm not being patronising here, nor am I going pink and fluffy. I am delighted to see many a blogger (or wordpresser etc etc) open up about their feelings. For too long the 'macho' image of the Police and the Services in particular has prevented staff from addressing mental issues beyond their control, understanding or competence. For too long, having stress, depression, PTSD, and the like was seen as 'weakness.' I would wager that virtually every active Service personnel and active (!) Police Officer has their demons to deal with. Opening up is unquestionably the best way to deal with it. Don't be afraid to do so and perhaps we can change the culture and get help quickly when it's needed. Many have posted recently on same and I draw your attention to the best of the bunch as below;
Champions again? - It's getting mighty tense up at the top of the Premiership and I have to concede I think the Manks have the edge. There's still Europe as well!

You guys are champions - Have a deserved warm glow and virtual hug for all your support and comments to this and other blogs in our little blogosphere.... and Snoopy ... get back in your doghouse if you are trolling this!

See Ya,

Off to put a tenner on Andorra!


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Re my blogg:

Yes, occasionally you can have spring on wednesdays......but usually it rains on those days!!!

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Top man Noddy.
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