Saturday, March 31, 2007


Been on Night Nurse, Day Nurse, Middle of the Afternoon Nurse for the last three days after the youngest brought back a virulent dose of head, chest and yes stomach flu from his skool.

Sleep is variable and broken.

I should be lates at work, but at the moment unless they can attach a khazi to the Panda I ain't leaving home! Well at least I'm keeping fit what with all the runs I'm doing.

I can assure you this is more than your average man flu, but am I getting any sympathy?

All say ah!

p.s. There does seem to be a theme developing!


Officer Dibble said...

Put a cork in it?

Sorry... had a similar 'affliction' not long was even difficult to cough without embarrassing yourself.

Annette said...

You poor thing.

Hope you feel better soon.