Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Furry boots

Woke this morn to an inch o' sna and decided 'at global warning is definitely a fraud

Stonehead captured the affa bonnie scenes.

Weather seems to be changing for the worse even in places you'd least expect.

Last weekend saw Mr UHDD in peril fell running in Cumbria and all who link to Mrs UHDD will be glad he and his clamjafry came oot safely if somewhat drookit. 

The accompanying video shows 'at it wis dreich right enough.  Here's a shorter taster.

I was going to suggest that Mr UHDD sat down with a wee dram and watched this, especially after the last episode linked here amongst the comments made.

Wrap up and dinna forget they furry boots, min.

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Fitaloon said...

Watched the Whisky Trail walk tonight on BBC 4. Didn't show the best scenery which to my mind is further up the valley. A few links with our family though Dailuaine distillery which the odd Shiach worked in.
Also at Ballindalloch was the cottage Chris's Great-Great grand father lived in when he was the Gamekeeper at the Castle.

DBA Dude said...

I am with Fitaloon on the scenery - but then I come from up there so am biased. Loved the sight of those old bottles of Glenfarclas - my favourite dram.

Area Trace No Search said...

I LIKE that picture.

Post of the year, mate.

uphilldowndale said...

In the circumstances the dram of choice would have to be his bottle of 'Ben Nevis Special Reserve' :) Thanks for the link.
I must put some warm woollen boots on my Christmas list, such a sensible practical gift during the credit crunch.

Noddy said...

ATNS - you are easily pleased and clearly I have found your level!

DBA - funny that, I thought of you salivating when I saw the boy's collection. I recall one Xmas eve demolishing most of a bottle of Glenfarclas at a local hostelry when I was 19. My late mother was less than pleased whn I wasn't up to her turkey and trimmings the next day. Funnier still was my ickle bruvver falling on the icy pavement and literally rolling across the steep, but fortunately quiet road!

UHDD - ATNS will expect a picture!