Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cup of Tea?
That other cartoon character asks me to direct yourselves to his place.

Put the kettle on.

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Kenny O said...

How r u today? 2 questions for you..
1. When i click on your icon to follow your blog I always get a page that pops up with an error...this happen to anyone else?
2. The cartoon u have there for twinings site of the pink panther, in the UK is the Pink panther a cop?
Cst KO

TWINING said...

Aha, so you admit I exist!

Noddy said...


Judging from my sitemeter tracker you use IE7 - why? Get Firefox.

1 other reported this problem and I suspect it is to do with IE7's set up in respect of Javascript or pop-ups. You also appear to be using Java 1.3 rather than Java 1.5. Just change to Firefox.

Twining is a stripey and he exists in his own imagination as pink panther.

TWINING said...

Priceless, absolutely pricesless!

TWINING said...

Imagination, my foot!

Noddy said...


Surely you mean my 30.5cm?