Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Those men with big hoses....

.... have all the fun.

By the way, did you know Fireman Sam was a ginger?

Why can't I get calls like
this and this to brighten my day.

I have to ask how the Lothians F&R Service justified their call out and just how do you cover a camera in chocolate? That certainly made Bumpy Dog raise his eyebrows.

No doubt they called it a training exercise. It sounded like a bit of a marathon, but it made me snicker.

Getting back on topic in respect of the wee rodent, and being ever resourceful, I have found a friend more than willing to find Fudgie.

Indeed, as you can see, she begged me to be let loose.

She whispered to me that she's a no nonsense, don't need all that specialist kit, cat. That's a boost. She did ask if there was a bounty though. I told her that it would be no picnic, but if she was successful she could revel in being a smartie and do a twirl.

Ripple of applause please!

Time out methinks.


Thanks are due to DBA Dude again for keeping me up to speed on developments in the crisis situation and major incident that was the disappearance of Fudgie. A Galaxy of friends met her when she reappeared. No photo opportunity though as she was so tired she just flaked out.


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Kenny O said...

Question: That is the relationship between firefighters and Police over your way?
In the city here I have noticed alittle bit tension..I have no issues tho..
Cst KO

Fitaloon said...

I'm twix't saying ma'arse or snicker'ing

Noddy said...


Sam and Noddy get on fine, but then they exist in a make believe world along with Postman Pat etc.

Seriously, the last time I was with them, they were brilliant. They willingly offered to tow away a car from the middle of the road and thus avoided us waiting eons for a recovery vehicle and freezing our behinds doing points duty in the middle of the rush hour. Plus they did this at 6pm when they were due off.


Officer Dibble said...

Off Topic.... but the naked Wigan man link..was that someone thinking Christmas was coming early this year!

Noddy said...

Apparently he tried that excuse stating it was just for practice as every little helps.

DBA Dude said...

That's enough chocolate - Ed :)

Stonehead said...

Back when I lived in London, I was impressed by the fire service response to finding an appliance's path blocked by car parked on double yellows in a narrow street. Six firefighters got out of the appliance, took hold of the car and flipped it on its side. The driver got back in and drove past, then the other five tipped the car back on its wheels. One flipped the wing mirror back into place and gave it a wipe, then they all jumped back in and on they went to their emergency. Cracking.