Friday, October 24, 2008

To Twother or not to Twother

At first glance at the headline for this report from Reuters, I thought we'd had the good old pint metricated.

However, it appears that someone thinks there is somebody out there somewhere who cannot cope with a whole pint of beer/cider, but thinks a half pint is too little.

Plain daft if you ask me, but apparently it's a common measure (425 mls) in Oz and known as a Schooner in most states there, but not all. I always knew Aussies were lightweights!

I won't bother to twother.

On another booze related tack, this proposal fairly took the wind out of a Toy Town
™ publican's sails (Geddit?). Speaking from experience, at 3am in the morning in the town centre at weekends, I'm rarely running into folk blootered on tins of Tennent's Special from the Offie. I wonder where they've come from? Mind you, the publicans can now say they only need to pay 2/3 of the cost, 'cos abidy will be downing twothers, even the quines.

Meanwhile, another British institution is tinkered with and goes down the plughole of multi-nationalism. However, on reading the article, apparently the change in the speaking clock disnae bother the rest of the Union and is only upsetting for our English cousins. Perhaps we could have a separate Jock Clock.

Calling time folks.

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Area Trace No Search said...

Aussies lightweights?

You're a brave man my friend...

Noddy said...

I am a Jock ..... nuff said.

Stonehead said...

Lightweights? Hmm, fancy necking a jug or two?

(A jug being 40fl oz or 1.14 litres.)

Mind you, it does get confusing ordering a beer in Oz. You can ask for a seven, a middy, a schooner, a pint, a small beer, a glass, a pot, a butcher, a six, an eight, a handle, a bobbie and, the smallest of the lot, the Shetland (4fl oz). (I'd be tempted to make a comment about Shetlanders except that I've seen a few of them in action...)

It's all too confusing for me, so as I told my doctor "I dunno about units, I measure my booze by the gallon..."

Noddy said...

Funny that, but I was having a few beers with my friend from Shetland this weekend and not one of them was a twother or even smaller.