Thursday, May 01, 2008

It's all about the Blues

Those of you reading this post on Planet Police expecting Polis based material - look away, it's got very little to do with Plodding. I do promise a worthwhile read all the same for those bloggers wondering why they bother to blog.

However, spare me this rare moment of celebration after two heartbreaking losses to Liverpool in semis over the last few years it just had to be third time lucky as I predicted and so it proved.

Anyhow, there I was on Tuesday on a step down shift to accommodate a trial on Wednesday when inevitably I get the email telling me the miscreant has pled guilty. Inconsiderate so and so! Does he not know this now means Mr Plod will no longer be on dayshift and have to be nightshift. There I had been planning a few cold beers in front of the TV and now I just knew there would be extra time. The full time whistle blows last night and Noddy makes this rapid transformation into Mr Plod and jumps in the motor rapidly switching to 5Live as he makes his way sharpish like to work for 10pm. I nearly crash as Essien 'scores' and then doesn't. Fortunately I'm parked at the back door of the sty when Lamps takes the penalty and so it goes on. You know the result.

Enough of that, more importantly I'm asking you first to go back in time and read this post, because unless you do the rest won't make sense. When you have, read on. You will also understand what I was referring to in my Sheep post.

I received these emails recently. They literally stopped me in my tracks. After getting them and seeing Lamps play last night, I just knew that Chelsea would win. (Forgot to put a pound on the Lottery though!)

1. -----Original Message-----
From: identity masked meantime
Sent: Sat, 26 Apr 2008 12:07
Subject: Please forward to Noddy

My daughter popped into me yesterday and showed me what she had printed off from the internet, which was from Monday, 05 November 2007 "Since you Asked". As I read I began to have goose bumps, that was my Dad you were writing about (Sidney Popper) and it was lovely to have my memory jogged and other memories came flooding in. I lived Chelsea as a child, being lifted over the barrier on a Saturday afternoon and being thoroughly spoilt with lots of treats and sweets. Long train journeys to see away games and lots of memories of that box.
Thank you for making me remember.

xxxxxxxx name withheld meantime.

2. -----Original Message-----
From: identity masked meantime
Sent: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 11:33
Subject: Sidney Popper

My grandfather was Sidney Popper. Thanks for your lovely story about him which I printed out and gave to my mum (his daughter). She was quite overwhelmed. All our family are still avid Chelsea fans although we don't have the box any more we have season tickets in the Upper East and my children go too (Sidney's great-grandchildren)

name withheld meantime.

I replied as follows. I think it says it all.


He was a toff, spoiled us rotten and I'm eternally grateful to him for introducing me to the Blues.

After today's result, there is still hope of 2 bits of silverware. It really is happy days down at the Bridge. It is only a shame they play 500+ miles away!

At least everyone will now believe me! They think I was making it up.

Both my parents died earlier than they should have and this week's news about Pat Lampard got me thinking of my own mother who only made it to 57 herself. Parents are never truly appreciated till you are one yourself and then when they depart early just as you realise this, it is a real blow. I do hope Sidney had a long life. I know it was full.

I wish you and your family well and I would be truly obliged if I could add your comment to my blog, if you would grant me the permission.

I've sent my 'little' brother a copy too as it will make him shiver (in a nice way!) as much as it did to me. It truly is a small world at times and if this isn't an example of how the internet makes it smaller I don't know what is!

My best regards,


p.s. I've just re-read my post and notice I described Sidney as 'rotund'. I do apologise, but that's how I remember him, as a larger than life man, who let's be honest, for a man I met once and 40 years ago who's name I still remember and who's face I can still picture, he must therefore have been a true character.... so roundish and cuddly would have been better!

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uphilldowndale said...

Awwww, that's great, I can see a gap in the market for 'Toy Town reunited' I must tell my son,Tom, I think he was one of those who asked why you are a Chelsea fan :) mint.

Whichendbites said...

I suppose that you are just a tad pleased with this. Oh to be blue.

Apply for your visa, your ticket, get your plane sorted, book your hotel and then take out a huge loan to pay for the once in a lifetime experience.

Don't forget your video, some clean underpants and learn russian for 'can you direct me to the beach'

Noddy said...

Are you taking the wee wee UHDD what with Re-UNITED!


Safer and cheaper to watch it on Sky!

I may have got my full 3%, but that no way pays to get to Moscow.

Annette said...

I should think you are very pleased with this, and you should be.
It probably made their day.

RT said...

Awesome! :)

Annette said...

That must have been lovely for you to hear from the family.
Good for you.