Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Go forth and multiply

I have a plan.

It appears that benefit office staff are having a hard time with their sums and the rascals in Toy Town
™ are cunningly taking advantage of this inability to cope with basic maths.

As you can see, I have been assembling evidential photographs of my new weans and am just off to fill in a few forms

Remember Christmas is just 218 shopping days away.

© Noddy

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some bloke said...

"Some £140m of fraud or overpayments have been detected in England by a biennial Audit Commission study. "

Living on planet Zogg, they ( D SS ) pride themselves on such discoveries little understanding that this is just the fraud that they detect.

Living on fraud, lies, deceit and deception is a way of life for countless thousands of dolies in every town and we all know some of them.

Somewhere they even say " this does not necessarily mean a rise in fraud, just that we are detecting more"
Self deluding fools.
Actually they ( D SS ) do "know" but it makes their lives easier not to say so.

And then they ( D SS ) go on to persecute some little old granny for her last mite before providing sheltered accomodation.