Friday, May 09, 2008

Just do it

Let's Support Victims

Regular readers (there's one or two of you out there) will know I have been 'pushing' Burma's plight for some time now.

As if things couldn't get any worse, along comes a cyclone and devastates the country. The UN now estimates 1.5 million people will be affected by the storm and the way in which the junta has criminally not reacted to its responsibilities to the needs of Burma's population.

Are we surprised?

What are we to do?

Earlier this week we had the French saying they would donate only 250,000 million pounds because they feared the cash would go straight into the Generals' pockets. Britain stood tallish with the world's largest offer of 5 million quid. The Yanks attached all sorts of political strings as usual, despite Dubya's Missus fronting Burma's cause.

This week (aye, nearly a week later) the French sing another tune and Britain dithers.

For God's sake just get the aid in and let the Generals try and stop it.

.... and ladies get your undies out, as well as your cash, for Burma.

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some bloke said...

"and ladies get your undies out, as well as your cash, for Burma.

"superstitious generals, especially junta leader General Than Shwe... believe that contact with women's underwear saps them of power".

Excellent idea, none violent protest; our women were all too willing to burn their bras not so long ago.

AnneDroid said...

The situation in Burma is awful. It's awful anyway but the needless delay makes it so much worse.

On a completely trivial note I dropped by to say that since you felt free to tag me, I've tagged you. Sorry. See my post for May 11.

Area Trace No Search said...

The problem is the Generals are stopping the aid... Burma has needed our help for so long, but the military rulers are doing their best to keep their slipping control and keep the rest of the world out.