Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pillow Patrol

Just last week we had the Hun hordes fighting over the remote in Manchester.

This week, just over the Pennines, we have the good Polis of Leeds banning more fun, just because a few folk want to fight.

It only goes to show that the Police really do care about your well-being.

If you want to see what Leeds missed, just go here.

Damn, I've changed my mind. I'd love that kind of a rumble!


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RT said...

That just looks like fun!

Killjoys, indeed!

some bloke said...

Safety Fears Foil Flan Flingers' Bid For World Record

"An attempt to host the world's biggest custard pie fight has been cancelled after police raised health and safety fears.
The event was to take place in Brighton on Friday.
But Sussex Police pulled the plug after more than 1,200 people signed up to take part.
Officers feared that they would not have the manpower to control the fun and passers-by could be attacked by pie-throwers"

Daily Telegraph, front page Tuesday 20:05:08, not archived.

I don't suppose it was really the Police that stopped it, more likely the insurance company.